Dash to replace vb.net GUI


I currently have a GUI built using vb.net . I want to migrate the tools to use Python and am investigating how best to build a gui.

I could make the gui in pyqt/tkinter but I think it would look better in plotly dash (a lot of the gui is displaying graphs) .

In the gui the user makes a number of selections which in turn are written to a script which is the input to another software.

I don’t think there is anything that dash couldn’t do here but does anybody replaced desktop guis with Web apps using dash am I missing anything ?

Thanks in advance .

Hi @Mdavid800
The programming model would be different because Dash web apps can have multiple users at a time
whereas desktop GUI are meant to have just a single user at a time.

Also, Dash app are viewed in the web browser whereas desktop GUIs would be written as an application.

That said, I would love to see some screenshots of what you’ve built.

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