Matlab -> Plotly, GUI development -> Desktop App?

Currently, we consider to use Plotly to create a professional GUI for our Matlab plots and algorithms we already wrote. Matlabs GUI development is very limited and honestly, really ugly and barely customizable.

Is it possible to write a desktop app with plotly?

Consider web based! That’s the focus of Dash. In order to use Dash with matlab you’ll need Matlabs compiler SDK to make a python library and you’d need to learn some python however. Alternatively you can use Matlab’s production server to quickly make web based apps.

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Thank you for the response and the hints!

I am also a fan of web applications. Unfortunately for this product, its not possible. It will be commercialized and needs to work offline only. We already have the Compiler SDK and I am also familiar to Python.

I find the Compiler SDK pretty useless, since it cant export classes. Only functions with “a single entry point”. You have to rewrite your classes and wrap them into many functions. Or maybe I just missed something out. Currently we are in the evaluation process to find a good platform to create a modern Matlab GUI.

I will have a look at Dash, thanks a lot! Sorry for the late response. I only work 2 days a week.

From my minor experience with it Matlab has come along way. The runtime certainly is bulky but there’s a lot more flexibility on what you can do.