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About the Dash for MATLAB® category

Welcome to the Dash for MATLAB® library!

  • MATLAB® is used by millions of engineers and scientists all around the world.

  • Dash is a framework for building interactive data apps. Dash apps are rendered in the web browser, and you can deploy and share them via URLs.

  • Use a Dash app to share analysis/graphs/analytics created in MATLAB®.

  • As you will see, you can make a Dash app with very few lines of code. A Hello World app can even be done with one line!

startDash({Html('H1', {'Hello Dash!'})}, 8057, [], 'DARKLY');

GitHub - plotly/dash_matlab: MATLAB DSL for the Dash Python library
GitHub - plotly/plotly_matlab: Plotly Graphing Library for MATLAB®

  • We are continuously adding new features and examples to the library. You can check the official documentation following this link: