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Dash MATLAB Quickstart. Part I: Download and Install

Welcome to Dash for MATLAB®!

In this post you are going to download and install everything you need to get started.


You will need to have a MATLAB® version installed. For Dash, we strongly recommend MATLAB® 2021 version.

Besides MATLAB®, you will also need Python installed on your machine. Make sure that you have a compatible Python version installed. If your Python version is different, consider upgrading it or using pyenv.

Download and Install

1. Install Dash Python library

Open a command terminal and run the following (you will need to have a pip version installed on your system):

`pip install dash`

2. Install dash-bootstrap-components:

Similar to the previous step, run the following in your command terminal:

pip install dash-bootstrap-components

3. Install Plotly for MATLAB®:

The next step is to install the Plotly Graphing Library for MATLAB®. You can find an excellent and detailed guide for this step at this link.

4. Download Dash for MATLAB®

Click here to download the latest release of Dash for MATLAB® from GitHub.

5. Add dash_matlab/lib folder to your MATLAB® path:

You can add the folder to your path by using the command window directly in MATLAB®:


You can also do this in the GUI:

Go to Home, Set Path:

Then select Add with Subfolders and find your dash_matlab/lib:

Now you have everything you need to start making Dash apps with MATLAB®.