How to save a Plotly Figure, through SSH without X11 output

I’m trying to make a figure, and I have done the script in my Desktop PC.

But now, that I require to make it through a server I get this error:

/anaconda3/lib/orca_app/orca: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Note: When used on Linux, orca requires an X11 display server, but none was
detected. Please install Xvfb and configure to run orca using Xvfb
as follows:

    >>> import as pio
    >>> pio.orca.config.use_xvfb = True

You can save this configuration for use in future sessions as follows:


for more info on Xvfb

I have installed Xvfb, but cant seem to make it work. Also tried connecting with ssh -X

Any clue?