How to plot polar charts in Dash?

How to plot polar charts in Dash ? Are there any examples available ?
Thank you.

Whatever you can do with plotly.js, you can do it with Dash. So, pick your poison:



Note that the plotly.js polar charts a little bit under-developed. See

We’re looking for a company to help sponsor this work. If polar charts are instrumental to your company’s app development, please reach out:

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Update! A company has sponsored the development of a polar chart rewrite :handshake:. Expect a new and enhanced set of polar charts in early 2018 :rocket:. We are tracking this feature in this branch: (no PR yet).

If your company or organization needs enterprise-level support or custom features developed, please reach out to our advanced development team:


This is hugely exciting!

@chriddyp Has the URL moved to a new branch? 404 on

It was merged earlier this week :tada: See and Regl-based scattergl and scatterpolargl traces by etpinard · Pull Request #2258 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub. The plotly.js team printed a release last night (Releases · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub) which I’ll move into the dash core components library sometime today. I’ll keep this thread posted with progress.

PR to upgrade dash-core-components: The new polar and scattergl chart types will be available in version 0.18.0, upgrade with:

pip install dash-core-components==0.18.0

Enjoy! :beers:

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Amazing! Can’t wait. Will the new Polar be on at some point too?

Yes it will be. We have to go through quite a bit more testing and QA before that happens.

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I often find pointers to plotly when I’m searching for ways to use dash, and these are not too helpful. As chriddyp mentions above (2 years ago), dash-core-components is now very much up to date with polar plots and I found a great example in The examples here are extremely helpful - IMO more so than documentation.
Specifically look at apps/dash-wind-streaming for live wind plots with wind direction and speed in a polar plot.

Thanks for the tip.
But which one is a radar plot? I could find an example there.

@ruslaniv Are you looking for the documentation on the radar plot?

For some reason it’s totally not working for me:

Looks like the problem is now fixed in that linked thread