Draw a special radar chart

Dear All,
we know that plotly can draw radar chart, which is polar. in Polar chart, the scale of the every feature are the same. now I need to draw a radar chart with different scale for every feature.
does anyone happen to use plotly graph function do this? I will attach picture of the kind of radar.
thanks in advance.

Hi, All,
here is the attached picture. You can see that ‘forks’ and ‘clsed pulls’ does not have the same scale.
any reply are apreciated.

This isn’t possible right now, but it’s definitely a great idea.

Hi, @chriddyp,
thanks for your reply. Does there any possibility to make a customized polar graph? or is that anyway that I can make a customized graph in plotly dash or plotly ?
thanks in advance.

right now you’re options would be:

  1. Use something like matplotlib or another graphing lib, examples here: https://github.com/plotly/dash-alternative-viz
  2. build this feature yourself by modifying the plotly.js javascript source code. if you get this to work, then make a pull request!
  3. if this is work for a company, then get your company to fund the development for this feature - we’d contract out someone to build this feature under our guidance (about half of our features are funded this way): https://plot.ly/products/consulting-and-oem
  4. wait for this feature to be built as part of our roadmap or funded by another company. my guess is at least 6-9 months
  5. use a parallel coordinates chart instead - it’s basically the same but it’s not circular. different axes ranges for each axis is supported for this chart type, unlike polar charts.
  6. you might be able to override your own labels with tickvals and ticktext. not sure, you should check the reference (plot.ly/python/reference) to make sure that these properties are supported for radialaxis

Hi, @chriddyp,
thanks a lot.