How to get correct color blending in Bar plot

Here is the code to reproduce the issue:

import torch
from plotly import graph_objects as go, colors
from plotly.subplots import make_subplots

N_bins = 20
distributions = {'A': torch.normal(0, 2, [1000]),
                 'B': torch.normal(3, 2, [1000]),
                 'C': torch.normal(-3, 2, [1000])}
# fig = go.Figure()
fig = make_subplots(rows=1, cols=2)
for c, opacity in zip([1, 2], [0.1, 0.7]):
    clr_seq = iter(colors.qualitative.Light24)
    for k, v in distributions.items():
            **dict(zip('yx', torch.histogram(
                v, N_bins, range=[-7, 7]))),
            name=f'{k}_{c}', marker_opacity=opacity,
            marker_color=next(clr_seq), row=1, col=c)

fig.update_layout(barmode='overlay', template='plotly_dark')

A you can see on image, with opacity=0.1, color blending is much better, but colors are bleak. So question is how can we keep color blending like on the left part, but increase its color intensity to levels of the right part?

Hi @mcstarioni welcome to the forums!

Have you tried creating your own color sequence using rgba strings and adapting the alpha channel individually instead of using the opacity parameter?