How to get clicker row in Dash table?

I have a table in dash, for displaying some tabular data created from pandas datafame. And I want the user to able to click on the table row and some action occurs (More details about that row). How do I do that?

I’ve found html.Tr emits click event, but how do I know which row has been clicked? It seems a thing to ask from dashboard library, but I’m unable to figure out how to do it.

There isn’t a good solution for this right now. Ultimately, we need a better Dash Table component that can emit these types of events (row and column coordinates) as you hover, click, or edit table cells. I’ll keep this post updated as this functionality becomes available.

Any update on this feature? Would be great to be able to click on results in a table to open another related table.

Hi Do you have any updates on this feature?

We’re working on a new version of a dash interactive table. It has support for selecting row(s). We’re hoping to unveil it this month.


Hi, the interactive table sounds interesting. Has it been released? Looking forward. Thanks.

Hi @chriddyp

any updates on click events? Specifically a double-click?

Would be great to have this feature on DataTable!

Thank you,

Hi @chriddyp,

when is this feature awaited for release? any tentative timeline for it ?