Are click events possible on a Datatable?

Hello! So I have a datatable implemented in my dash application like so

And with this data table my use case is currently that the user clicks on the date they want and a modal pops up displaying more information. My issue is that when the user closes the modal, that cell remains active, so if they want to display that information again they then need to click on another cell and then click on the date again to reopen the modal. This is not very user friendly.

I attempted to have a callback set the active cell to none under various circumstances but that was just causing problems and circular dependencies. I’m wondering if there is a way to implement some form of clickData like for other components, or maybe even a specific property of the datatable that when you click on a cell it returns the whole row with the column ids and their corresponding values. That would actually be ideal for me since I want the user to be able to click on any of those cells shown and have that modal pop up, but in order for the information in the modal to be displayed I only really need the time.

If any dash developers think they can implement this that would be great! Or if anyone would like to point out that I can approach this problem differently I’m all ears (or eyes? :man_shrugging:)!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Hi @Krichardson,

Did you find any solution for this problem? I’m facing the same situation and already tried to clear active_cell, but is giving me the same circular dependencies errors.

Thank you

I’m facing the same situation