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Creating Double-Click callbacks for DataTable


Thank you for Dash! I love the framework - it allows pretty cool things to happen directly from python!

I’ve been working on porting an internal application written in C#/Silverlight into Dash.
The original has a data table which handles single- and double-clicks.

How to create a call back for double-clicks? There is an easy way to do single-clicks with callbacks on ‘active_cell’, but no so for double-clicks.

I browsed the forum and asked the question on related prior posts (here, and here), but had no response thus far. Decided to ask the question directly.

I’m new to JavaScript and React, but in search of answers I went browsing through DataTable source and see that there is a beginning of handling Double-Click events in the code, but it is not exposed to Python for callbacks currently.

I would be willing contribute the implementation if someone points me to the places that need to be enhanced to enable double-click, it is a pretty involved code base.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you