How to change the tickval text format in a BarPolar animation?

Iā€™m trying to change the format of the tick in animation chart including a template but for some reason the formatting of the values are not adjusted. I tried using tickformat but to no effect.

To illustrate:

The animation looks like this:

I would like to reduce the number of floating values to 3 e.g. 0.003 etc.

    polar = dict(
        radialaxis = dict(range=[0, 5], showticklabels=True, ticks='outside', linecolor='black', showline=False, color='black',
                          linewidth=0.5, tickvals=[min_scaled_bd, avg_scaled_bd, max_scaled_bd], ticktext=[real_min_bd, real_avg_bd, real_max_bd],
                          ticklen=6, tickwidth=1.5),
        angularaxis = dict(showticklabels=False, ticks='', linecolor='White'),

In the end, I adjusted the variables I pass to tickvals by using np.round. I could not find another solution.