Changing "G" to "B" for billions for tickformats

I’m trying to put tickformats on bar charts and have formated the text to show 2 digits but rather than β€œB” for billions it’s showing G. Any idea on solbing this? Thanks

rus_fv_total_fig_1 =, x="Year", y="Trade Value (US$)",
                            template="plotly_white",text="Trade Value (US$)", 
                            title="Russia Fruits & Vegetables Import 1996-2019 (Source: UN Comtrade 2019)")

#rus_fv_total_fig_1.for_each_annotation(lambda a: a.update(text=a.text.split("=")[1]))
rus_fv_total_fig_1.for_each_trace(lambda t: t.update
                                  ("Commodity=", "")))

Hi, how are you doing? I have the same issue, I know using plotly.react and plotly.js you can do something like this d3.format("~s")(-150000000000).replace(β€˜G’, β€˜B’) after importing format from d3 library.
But it isn’t possible in Python, did you get a solution?