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Tick angles with barpolar

Hi all-

With bar polar charts, it is possible to use custom tick labels, but if these are on the longer (and plentiful) side, it would be nice to have the angle be custom to each ticklable. So far, I can only seem to change them all to one angle (i.e. all at tickangle=90, etc.). Is there a way to have each ticklabel have a unique angle?

This is my code:

data = [go.Barpolar(
    theta=list(sub2.index * 2.6),
    width= [1.9]* sub2.shape[0],

layout = go.Layout(polar = dict(
        radialaxis = dict(range=[6, 10], showticklabels=True),
        angularaxis = dict(showticklabels=True, tickmode='array',
                                    tickvals= list(sub2.index * 2.6),
                             ticks='outside', tickangle=45 #DOESN'T ACCEPT ARRAYS,
                            ticktext=sub2['companyName'] # THESE ARE LONG AND OVERLAP)

Hi, did you find a solution for this?

@slevin88, @mikesmith1611

Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to associate simply radial labels to Barpolar plots. Here
is a workaround that depends on the max r value, max text length and even on the layout.width and height.