How do I output the return callback into a container in dash?


I have this callback

@app.callback(Output('updatemode-output-container', 'children'),Input('dropdown1_chart8', "value"),Input('dropdown2_chart8', "value"),
              Input('slider', 'value'))

and the definition returns this:

return 'Linear Value: {} | \
        Correlated Value: {}'.format(value, trans_value)

how can I make the return print in the dashboard here?

                                dbc.Col(html.H3(updatemode-output-container, md=12)),

Set the id on the column, not the H3.

Return html.H3(return text)

hi, what text?
also, how do I write it?

Let me know if you have any questions:


In your callback return this:

return html.H3(Linear Value: {} |
Correlated Value: {}'.format(value, trans_value))