How can get embed? offline

i want do one page have more report.

i read about URL Routing and Multiple Apps and chek about goldman-sachs-report-demo code. try do like same. one page = one chart. then in someone page i can Included all chart together(Because I try, it seems that a page can only have a chart, right?).

i see the included code is use html.Iframe
seamless=“seamless”, style={‘border’: ‘0’, ‘width’: “100%”, ‘height’: “250”})

But i try included my page chart. no good. have border.
Because my page chart big than iframe,i try set width,height is 100%,but not okay.
then i try set GET like demo,autosize=true,but also not okay.

2 hours passed… i find bec demo use is .embed ,but i not.
i try find about embed in dash and
i see plotly online can export project to embed.
but not find any about offline embed.

who can help,ples tell me i need go where check what? or maybe my ider is not right?
Thank you

this is from china,my english is not very good,so hope someone can know what i say.
thanks again

help help help help :frowning:

Apologize but I don’t know what your problem is… I assume that you have problems adding multiple charts in 1 page.

Can you check if this helps: Two graphs, side by side