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Hoverinfo not workiing for sctered3d graphs


I am unable to customize hover information for scatter3d graphs, But it’s working for scatter graphs.
I used like below format.
Can you please help me to customize hover info.



hoverinfo should work for scatter3d traces.

Here’s an example with hoverinfo: 'x+y': https://plot.ly/~etpinard/7139/scatter3d-with-text/

Could you give us more information?

H @etienne ,

Thank you for quick reply.

But in your example it’s working.

Here i am sending the my example code, Can you please let me know, where i did mistake.
Thank you.

var N = 40,
x = d3.range(N).map( d3.random.normal() ),
y1 = d3.range(N).map( d3.random.normal() ),
z = d3.range(N).map( d3.random.normal() ),

data = [{ x:x, 
          type:'scatter3d', mode:'markers',
          marker:{color:'rgba(200, 50, 100, .7)', size:16},
layout = { 
    title:'Formatting X & Y Hover Values',
    xaxis:{zeroline:false, hoverformat: '.2f', title: 'Rounded: 2 values after the decimal point on hover'},
    yaxis:{zeroline:false, hoverformat: '.2r', title: 'Rounded: 2 significant values on hover'}

 Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', data, layout);


You must be using an old version of plotly.js.

Updating to the latest release: https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/releases should solve your problems.

Thank you very much…

Now it’s working, after i updated to latest version of plotly.