Hoverinfo not displayed for all points on scatter3d

Hello everyone,

Please forgive me for less organized Pen code, I use it for the first time so I did not split JSON part into other script or similar… I am also pretty new to Plotly.js which I find very sophisticated and powerful.

This is my solution I got so far:

My problem is:
I can’t figure out a good way to generate a 3D scatter plot with points having different colors and each point having its hoverinfo.

I managed to plot hundreds of points in their own colors but I end up having only one hoverinfo, i.e only one point has it own hoverinfo, and that is the first point. You will see hoverinfo text saying: “rgb(194, 110, 73)” for all points.

Please take a look at the second script inside Pen link. If I earned your attention and will to provide help, please do CTRL+F and go through “NOTE 1”, “NOTE 2”, “NOTE 3”. These comments provide some further explanations of my actions. Some of those solutions did what I expect from it but its too slow, so I need a better way to do this.

Long story short:
I want to plot a 3D scatter graph, all points need to have their own color and hoverinfo. Any links are welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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I’ve had the same issue with 2D scatter plot. I plotted multiple series of data where multiple datapoints often shared the same x value, since the x axis was showing person’s age in years. The hover would show one or two values (don’t remember exactly), but never the full list of values corresponding for the given x coordinate.