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Hoverinfo ignored on overlapping fills in scatter trace


When 2 fills of a trace overlap eachother, the hoverinfo argument is ignored. Here is a simple example:

The hoverinfo is set to “none”, and this is the intended effect:


I am using a scatter layer to draw semitransparent shapes as a means to visualize selection on a heatmap. Shapes are drawn over the heatmap and should disable the heatmaps hoverlabel. Selection should be possible in columns and rows, so these shapes can overlap. If they overlap then the heatmaps hoverlabel is shown. The shapes are in the same trace because they are semitransparent and i want the fill to be a consistent color.


Not intended:

Is there a simple solution to this?
I can only think of restyling the heatmap hoverinfo based on hover events, or updating the text of the heatmap.