High bar completely hides shorter one in bar chart with overlay mode

Hi, I am making a filled bar chart with overlay mode that uses processed data from server

I found out that bar overlay priority is calculated based on its position in trace’s “x” and “y” arrays (the next one overlaps the previous one). I sorted axes values in trace scope in descendant order, but that wasn’t enough because other traces still can have bigger values. I tried to sort axes values across all traces, but I ended up with complete mess.

Is it possible to change the way plotly.js calculates elements’ overlay order? If not, how can I sort x/y values across all traces so the shortest bar will be on top?

Added GIF to make my problem easier to understand. You can see that some short bars just get fully overlapped by higher ones
2023-07-24 12-55-42

turns out its impossible to somehow sort bars so they will overlay each othher, and there is no way to set overlap priority. overlay mode is raw and definitely needs this feature (arrange overlay order from shortest bar to highest).
but i see you have ~1446 open issues and feature requests that no one cares about, so this request wont be an exception i guess. i despise this garbage library and its developers. yea hope you will die

Not a answer to your question, but maybe using a grouped bar chart could help improving the visualization?

i ended up making columns a bit transparent, not an ideal solution, but now all bars are visible (even if overlapped by higher ones). Color separation doesn’t work though because bar colors are mixing, but in my case it doesn’t matter much.
My problem is resolved, but i dont think the question is answered, so i will leave it like that or delete it

thank you for reply anyways