Help with send_to_pipe_channel in django-plotly-dash

hii i am trying to make dpd.Pipe of import dpd_components as dpd works, i could make all the setting in the django followed a bunch of tutorial documents and all steps of installation, i could make very far. i could render the dash in django and so on, but my problem is the last part why send_to_pipe_channel is not working. i got some error in console no channels but i am setting the channels i just don’t know if its right i will share my entire code, i just want to make this tiny example work so i can understand how to use the send_to_pipe_channel.

this is the code

there is a branch called webSocketIssue is where i am trying to use send_to_pipe_channel with a single button but is not working, if someone could help me i will be very grateful

@Eggbread322 that error is telling you that the server responded with a 404 for a request.

At the very least you should get to the bottom of that particular error before proceeding. Your browser tools should tell you which particular request (there may be more than one) got that response, and also the server’s own logging output should be helpful.

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