Show and tell - Django Plotly Dash

Hi all, we’d like to announce that a live demonstration of django-plotly-dash is now available at - this is based on the demonstration site whose code can be found at the project home on github.

This project has grown out of a need to serve up Dash components from within the Django framework, and has grown to allow the persistence of internal state and pushing of external data into a component.

Comments, contributions and bug reports are all most welcome. The documentation can be found at


Thanks for your work on this. I have been using django-plotly-dash for several months now and it works great.

Great work!

I saw the issue on multiple callbacks, is this feature planned, or are there serious technical constraints to get it working? More specifically, where should we look to see what version of Dash is supported by Django Plotly Dash?

@mkhorton it is a planned feature. There aren’t any particular challenges expected; it just hasn’t been a priority yet.

As for which versions are supported - there isn’t exhaustive testing done on multiple versions; this might change once either dpd or (more likely) Dash has a 1.0 release. The versions of all packages used for a build is baked into the code at frozen_dev.txt