Demo Four: Live Updating


Am quite new to django-plotly-dash and am trying to integrate Demo Four: Live Updating from dpd into my app.

Along the way I have broken something and just cannot figure out what it is, if I call any of my dash_apps in an HTML template I get: TypeError at /‘templatename’/ - expected string or bytes-like object

If there is someone willing to help that would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure what I need to add here for review so please excuse open ended topic - am learning to work through all of this.

Thank you,

Hello, and welcome to the Dash community!

Can you provide a link to the code you are trying to integrate into your app? I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to when you say “Demo Four”. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

What do you mean by “when I call any of my dash_apps in an HTML template?” Can you provide a working example of how your app is setup? Are you embedding Dash apps in HTML documents?

Hi Joseph and thank you.

Here is the link:

Yes, if I include any dash_app tag {% plotly_app name=“SimpleExample” %} in an html template I get - TypeError: expected string or bytes-like object. If I remove the dash_app tag everything works. Prior to me trying to get the redis channels working everything was good.

Hope that explains it a bit better.


Thanks for the link! I was not aware of the django-plotly-dash project, it sounds interesting!

I would recommend posting an issue on their GitHub at Issues · GibbsConsulting/django-plotly-dash · GitHub, you might have better luck finding other users of that project there.