Help with markers in scatter plot

How to plot a nested dictionary in a scatter plot with Dash? I have a dictionary that looks like this.
team_dict={‘gs’: {‘Steph’: {‘PPG’:26, ‘REB’:8}, ‘Klay’:{‘PPG’:20}, ‘bos’:{Kyrie:{‘PPG’:24}}… etc} I can graph all the players fine on the graph but i can’t seem to get their marker color to be the same as their team and also not create a marker for each player in the legend. So far this is what it looks like.!
My code right now for that part is:

I understand that i am creating a marker for each player because i am iterating through the 2 for loops. But i cant seem to find a way to make the markers in the legend only have the amount of teams in team_initials. I have tried other solutions but still none have worked. Is dash not meant to be used with a nested dictionary?

Nevermind i figured out how to do it.