Help with Error - Django-Plotly-Dash

My venv was accidentally deleted and now my project won’t work properly. I didn’t change any code, just lost all my packages. I’ve reinstalled according to the tutorial, but, None of my Dash apps will render. I’m getting the following error in the browser log:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘startsWith’ of undefined
at Er (dash_renderer.min.js:20)
at dash_renderer.min.js:20
at e.f (dash_renderer.min.js:20)
at e.@@transducer/step (dash_renderer.min.js:20)
at dash_renderer.min.js:20
at Je (dash_renderer.min.js:20)
at dash_renderer.min.js:20
at dash_renderer.min.js:20
at t (dash_renderer.min.js:20)
at dash_renderer.min.js:20

How do I fix this? Thanks.

Did you recreate your virtual environment with the same python and package versions, or newer ones? If the latter then you could be affected by an issue in an underlying package that django-plotly-dash uses; see this issue to track its resolution.

I commented out channels in and use only channels_redis.

That fixed my problem. Thank you very much.

I had a requirements.txt and reinstalled everything from there, but it wasn’t working. It is now.