Have not opened my Dash project in a while, now error says "'__main__' module" can't be found?

Hello everyone. I took a break from working on my Dash app for the last few months, and I just now wanted to jump into it again.

After dutifully first updating Dash by pip install Dash --upgrade, and then opening up terminal and firing off python my_script_location.py, I get this error now all of a sudden,

/usr/local/opt/python/bin/python3.7: can’t find ‘main’ module in ‘/Users/User_Name/Downloads/Dash-Twitter-App-master’

What could this mean? My app had not been touched since it last worked, so Dash might have changed somehow.

Could someone possibly give me an idea of where this bug comes from or how to fix it?

@Gon_F if your last dash is lower than 1.0.0, you might need to uninstall dash and reinstall dash. or try the same code in a clean venv

Your second sentence pointed to the general solution. I think there was Python/Dash cache in the folder where I used to work on my project, and me upgrading Dash before opening the project made the cache somehow out of date, and simply moving all the script files into a fresh folder ended up fixing this. Thanks for the common sense advice, byronz!