Greek symbols with Latex or unicode

In an axis it would be good to have a label with a Greek symbol as ‘$\Delta x$’

Has anyone been able to make this work?

Thanks for reporting @alex_01! It looks like this is broken. I’ll loop back on this thread once it’s fixed.


I didn’t realize it was broken, just thought that I was doing something wrong. ha!

Would this also allow for latex rendered equations?

It would. See Latex in Python for some examples.

Note that this issue is only related to rendering LaTeX inside the Graph component, not as general text on the page.

Any word on this? I’d like to use epsilon-delta phrasing on some graphs.

I’m unable to render latex, even when importing MathJax.js

There is a community PR for this here:

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For TeX in static content, see here: Mathjax in dash.

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Rendering unicode characters in a plot axis seems to work in python 2.7 at least. I have the following xaxis dictionary in figure layout for a histogram:

xaxis=dict(title=u"\u03A6"+"1 - " + u"\u03A6"+"2")

And it renders as expected:


It’d be great to have the latex functionality working, but this is good enough for me for now, might be helpful to others.