LaTeX in dash not functioning

I am trying to get LaTeX equations into static content.

After trying to implement this solution into my code to no avail:

I copied the code in this post exactly:

And it looks like this:

How do I get LaTeX equations to render correctly in static content, and why didn’t that code work, copied exactly?

@mromanel The code you copied is from May 2018, but as noted later in the thread, a dash update seems to have broken that solution. The most recent posts in the thread (April 2020) contain a solution that I just verified is working in Plotly pip version 4.10.0.

As noted in the linked GitHub issue, I am still hoping for a solution upstream at plotly.js, but I haven’t looked into this lately.

Also, not to be rude, is there any reason you made a new thread here vs adding to the old thread?

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oh, I was looking at the April 2020 posts but my eyes glossed over the



Also, it never even occurred to me to post in the old thread instead


Aha no worries! Hopefully this solved the issue (for now)! :slight_smile: