Graphviz figure renders at the end of the page


I am new to Dash and working on a process mining dashboard. With the help of process mining I am able to discover a Petri net, which is of type Digraph which I want to show in my dashboard. Hence I use the dash_interactive_graphviz mentioned in An Interactive Graphviz Widget. As the type Digraph is not accepted in dcc.graph. However, when I change the input, the callback provides a new dot_source, the graph is updated but shown at the end of the page. It overlaps other rows and columns. I tried to use style formats but that did not work. I think because it is not a dcc.graph. I added two screenshots for explanation.


The goal is to have the header of Statistics below the graphviz.

Does someone know how I can layout the rows in a correct way so that the graphviz does not overlap?