Getplotlyfig() Error

Hi. I am using the latest Plotly release (2.2.5) for MATLAB. I am trying to retrieve a figure from my account, using getplotlyfig('userXYZ','80'). I am passing the number of the figure as a string (as shown in the user guide examples). Uploading new plotly graphs works as expected, however, when trying to retrieve graphs I am receiving the following error:

> Reference to non-existent field 'Content_Type'.
> Error in response_handler (line 6)
>         if (strcmp(extras.allHeaders.Content_Type, 'image/jpeg') || ...
> Error in plotlygetfile (line 26)
>     response_handler(response_string, extras);
> Error in plotlyfig/download (line 410)
>             plotlyfig = plotlygetfile(file_owner, file_id);
> Error in getplotlyfig (line 25)
>, file_id);

Can somebody help please? Thks.

Hi all, I tried posting my question also here: getplotlyfig() Error · Issue #480 · plotly/plotly_matlab · GitHub
Anyone have any ideas?