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Matlab plotly config

Hello, I am trying to get started using plotly for matlab to see if it is something my company want to start using.
I went through the first steps of the “Matlab get started” page but when comes time to get results I get:

[X,Y,Z] = peaks;

Error using loadplotlyconfig (line 9)
It looks like you haven’t set up your plotly account
configuration file yet.
To get started, save your plotly/stream endpoint domain by

saveplotlycredentials(plotly_domain, plotly_streaming_domain)

For more help, see https://plot.ly/MATLAB or contact

Error in plotlyfig/get_sharing (line 893)
config = loadplotlyconfig();

Error in plotlyfig (line 56)
obj.PlotOptions.WorldReadable = obj.get_sharing;

Error in fig2plotly (line 44)
p = plotlyfig(varargin{:});

How do I get things setup properly so I can start playing with plotly.

Thank you

Try running this before the example: saveplotlyconfig('https://plot.ly')

That worked.

Thanks a lot.

Onwards to learning all about plotly.