General Question

Just started out with Dash because I needed to build something very quickly and while I could do it in Flask to get to the initial stage Dash proved much faster.

My question is, can Dash alone be used to build a fully fledged CMS with workflow, user updates, inserts into the data layer as well as the Analytics that it is clearly great at?

Hello @ctrl-alt-del,

When you say CMS, what exactly is your end goal? You want people to be able to drag and drop and design layouts on the fly, then publish?

Or just work with the python/dash backend whenever a new page needs to be added?

It’s more to be able to build a system or application with user input, data entry, reporting and analytics.

Dragging and dropping fields for reporting would be nice feature though.

I am currently transitioning from Flask to Dash for this use-case. Haha.

Users’ feedback has been very positive.

You could also use Dash Enterprise to expedite the process as well.