Example Apps Challenge Winners

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Thank you to all the participants of the Plotly Dash Example Apps Challenge. 25 apps were submitted by the community. And they are absolutely amazing!

Over the last couple of weeks, a group of Plotly staff judges reviewed each app and voted for the top three app winners.

And the winners are…:drum:

:1st_place_medal: Clinical Trial Risk Dash App, created by Thomas, with the following code.

Thomas’s app covers a unique topic not present in other apps, and it’s used as a tool to process clinical trial protocols and extract key factors that contribute to the risk of trials ending uniformatively.

Funded by the Gates Foundation, this app implements Natural Language Processing and uses the Spacy and Scikit-Learn libraries to calculate the risk of a clinical trial failing.

:2nd_place_medal: SARIMA Tuner Dash app, created by Gabriele, with the following code.

Gabriele’s app is an interactive guide for working with time series data and fitting sARIMA models to make predictions. The app uses the Scikit-Learn, Pmdarima and the Cython libraries.

We love the app’s styling, the analytics deepdive, nicely designed visualizations, and the useful analytics that you don’t see every day. The app offers a friendly interactivity experience, and the home page is detailed and helpful in understanding how to interact with the app. Bonus points for adding the prediction page.

:3rd_place_medal: Product Environmental Report Dash App, created by Matteo.

An exquisite usage of open source Dash to show the environmental impact of Thermoplan’s coffee machines in full transparency. The professional interface and report style are the main reason this app takes third place

With 5 different tabs as well as nested tabs, this app is a pleasure to interact with. We loved the feature where we could calculate the carbon footprint of our individual machine usage. Kudos for covering the important topic of coffee machines and their emissions.

:medal_military: As an honorable mention, we would like to highlight Agah and their Dash app that explores data submitted for global magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Big thanks for open-sourcing the app’s code.

The winning community members will receive a package of this season’s Plotly swag as well as the financial awards.

See more Dash apps or share your own in the Community Forum’s Show and Tell tag. If you would like to have your app added to the Explore Page, click the “Share your App” button on the page.


awesome opportunity to see examples of code. I’m appreciate for it.
The projects is great!

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