Error downloading plotly.js code from chart studio

I made a few charts using chart studio and I cannot manage to explort the graph as plotly.js code (I get “failed-server problem”. Same applies for downloading the code in python and node.js

When I try to visualise the code in the website I get the error “Oops! An error occured while loading the code for this plot. plotlyjs”.

I can manage to download the other files (e.g. the html files) just fine, but I need to work with the Javascript code for further customization and better display in my website.

Is anyone else getting this problem and do you know how can I work around it - by using the html bundle, for example?

edit: i managed to download the file form another browser however, the file has incomplete data and this warning: “Uh oh! Looks like an error occurred while translating your code.”