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Plot error "Uh oh, an error occurred on the server."

I run a daily charting Python script. Friday’s run failed on the Plot call with this error: “Uh oh, an error occurred on the server.”

This is the particular line:
graph = py.plot(fig, filename = (date_str + ‘_linkage’), auto_open=False)

plotly.plotly is imported as py.

Execution of the python script sits much longer than normal at this line and then fails for that above error reason. Does anyone know why this might be happening all of a sudden?

I tried moved all charts and other files in my account to Trash. However, when I go to Trash, and try to click Delete Forever, I get the error “Uh oh! We encountered an unknown error, please try again later.”

Thanks for any help!

Seems most of the community is having issues with uploading/overwriting charts.

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Chart Studio is back to normal.