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An error occurred on the server

I am using plotly and I am intermittently getting this error.

Uh oh, an error occurred on the server. : PlotlyRequestError
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/var/task/”, line 54, in lambda_handler
py.plot(fig, filename=‘stacked-bar-jul22-0’, auto_open=False, fileopt=‘extend’ )
File “/var/task/plotly/plotly/”, line 227, in plot
response = v1.clientresp(data, **plot_options)
File “/var/task/plotly/api/v1/”, line 35, in clientresp
response = request(‘post’, url, data=payload)
File “/var/task/plotly/api/v1/”, line 86, in request
File “/var/task/plotly/api/v1/”, line 38, in validate_response
raise exceptions.PlotlyRequestError(message, status_code, content)
PlotlyRequestError: Uh oh, an error occurred on the server.

Can you help