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Enable scrollZoom of FigureWidget with other ipywidgets?


I am trying to combine a plotly.graph_objects.FigureWidget with several ipywidgets in a manner that is very similar to this tutorial: https://plot.ly/python/figurewidget-app/

I know that it is possible to enable scroll zoom on the FigureWidget by making use of the config argument as follows:

import plotly.graph_objects as go
fig = go.FigureWidget(...)

My question is how can I enable this feature when fig appears in a container widget with other ipywidgets, e.g.

my_widgets = widgets.VBox([fig, ipywidget_1, ipywidget_2]) # enable scrollZoom?

Framed in terms of the plotly tutorial above, the question is how do I enable scrollZoom on the final chart while having the interactivity from the callbacks?

Hey lewtun, were you able to figure this out in the end? Iā€™m dealing with the exact same issue at the moment.