Dropdown style single traces

Hey :slight_smile:

I got multiple traces in my Scatterplot one of them describes a straight line with slope 1.
This trace should always be displayed as a line, while for the others the switch between ‘markers’ and ‘lines+markers’ should be possible.
How can I set the mode of one trace as fixed or how can update all traces and after that set the mode of the single trace back to ‘lines’?
I first tried to access a single trace to set mode, which already didn’t work

buttons: [{ method: 'restyle',
	    args: ['traces[traces.length-1].mode','lines'],
	    label: lines

I hope someone can help!
Verena :sunny:


args: ['mode','lines', [0]],

where [0] is the index (or indices) of the traces you want to update.