Drawing a circle on top of a scatter mapbox 'open-street-map'


I’ve been trying to draw a circle on top of an open-street-map px.scatter_mapbox() and I’ve gotten a circle to show up using the add_shape() method. I’ve noticed open-street-map styled px.scatter_mapbox()'s have a default axis of [0,1] and [0,1] for x and y, so something like add_shape(type=‘circle’, x0=.25, y0=.1, x1=.5, y1=.5) will draw a circle on top of my open street map, but the circle does not scale when zooming in and out meaning it is fixed on the screen, but not on the map itself:

and when zoomed out, circle is in same position and same size but ideally should be much smaller:

Any thoughts on how to draw a scalable circle?