Download as normal Chrome Progressive download (instead of dcc Download)

Hi everyone,

I am currently using dcc Download to download some processed .csv file

The problem is that this file sometimes is big. In this case, you click the button to download, and maybe after 5 minutes suddenly appears as fully downloaded on Chrome footer.

I want to have the behavior of a normal file Chrome download, where I can see it is been downloaded, the progress, the ETA…

Do you know if this is possible in Dash? Maybe using the Flask server behind and serving it as an static asset?
Anyone tried this out?



In case this is not possible, I could use background callbacks

Background Callbacks | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly Example 4: Progress Bar

Is there a way to measure the progress of the dcc.send_bytes?


No, I dont believe that is possible. The download is handled in JS, so there is no way for Dash to fetch status information.

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