Dash Refresh Page with updating Source Data and displaying the sentence like 'downloading' without closing the webpage & mouse cursor


I am wondering how to realize the function like when I click the button on the dash page it downloads the csv files with myAPI.
Now I have realized successfully the interface with “python app.py” who downloads the csv files and then show the webpage.(pic) But how could I move these steps and the sentences to the web? Actually the website is based on the files, so how could I update the csvfiles without closing it?

Besides, I would like to change the style of the mouse. Like when the web is updating, it changes to the status “wait”.

Thx a lot in advance for your help.

  1. Write a callback to update your HTML.
  2. Generate your files to /tmp.
  3. Refer to the docs. Read the part of dcc.Loading.

Thx a lot for your solutions. I wanna to ask more about “write a callback to update the html”. Because there are 4 multipages in my project and a lot of output-components on each page, so I’m wondering if it still works ( I put all my outputs in the callback if I make sense?)

Could you please give me some examples if it is convenient?
Thx a lot again.

No, I’m lazy.