Does Dash ag-grid come with Range Selection?


I am interested in an enterprised feature of ag-grid. JavaScript Data Grid: Range Selection

I do not see this feature mentioned in the ag-grid documentation. Cell Selection | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

  1. Does dash ag-grid have this feature?
  2. If not, would I have to “build” this react feature myself?
  3. Do I pay only only to ag-grid for this feature?

I’m not even sure if these are the right questions to ask. Thanks!

Hello @rictuar,

Yes, range selection is available with AG Grid, you just need to enableEnterpriseModules=True, and then it will work as desired.

I dont think that we have the selection available in a prop yet.

@jinnyzor Thanks for the prompt reply.

Is this in the works (actively)? Just want to plan out my approach, thanks.

The AG Grid enterprise is much more advanced than the community and has tons of features. We have done our best to make sure that the basics and normal use-cases are covered.

We dont have an issue open for this currently, but, I do have a standing issue open for exposing the api and columnApi which I think would allow for you to pull the rangeSelection:

You can also open up a feature request for the rangeSelection to be a prop. Although, I’m not sure there is a way to listen for this type of event without some issues.

thanks for sharing. the timing is rather auspicious.

Because of your point about “avoiding bloat”, I won’t make a specific issue.

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Hello @rictuar,

With dash ag grid 2.2.0, you can add custom event listeners through the exposed api.

Check out the flow here:

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