DataTable or AGGrid click+drag for editing select?

Hi all,

I have played around with both of these components, but cannot seems to enable click+drag for options in a column, similar to excel.

For datatable, i must resort to shift+arrow keys

For AG Grid, I cannot seem to have any behavior like this at all - rather just a “single cell select”

Have I overlooked something?

Hello @rictuar,

For AG Grid, you can hold shift and click the last row that you want to select. You will also need to change rowSelection='multiple'

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There is a RangeSelect - but that’s an Ag Grid Enterprise feature

There is a text selector in AG Grid community:

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Thank you both. Indeed, what I really want is the enterprise solution.
For those curious, this was a requested feature for DataTable as well

but, of course, cash is the problem :sweat_smile:

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