Display problem with DatePickerRange

Hey everyone, I don’t understand why my DatePickRanger is cut, does anyone have face the same issue ?

here is how I instanciate the DatePickerRange:

                min_date_allowed=dt(2000, 8, 5),
                initial_visible_month=dt(2010, 1, 1),
                start_date=dt.strptime(parameters["start_date"], "%d/%m/%Y"),
                end_date=dt.strptime(parameters["end_date"], "%d/%m/%Y"),

and here is the result:

I had this problem with DatePickerSingle and believe I resolved it by setting with_portal=True.

Didn’t solved it, it just placed the “calendar pop-up” at the middle of the screen.

But does the “cujo” part of your nickname refers to Amon Tobin?

no…it’s a nickname i gave my pit bull who goes “cujo” on people outside the house but is nice and friendly once the barrier of the door is taken away

Regarding your problem, I took your code snippet and replaced one of my datepickersingle with it. I couldn’t reproduce your problem with Dash 0.40.0 - everything looked great. However, once I upgraded Dash to the latest version, I was able to reproduce your problem.

Not sure if you noticed, but the example on Dash’s website also shows a truncation problem. Seems like a bug.

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Developed it in version 0.38, didn’t test it in version 0.39 until yesterday where I discovered the problem, and upgraded to 0.43 and problem remained.

Thanks for testing the versions !!

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@jajarbins I just found a workaround! Style of DatePickerrange seems screwed up in the demo. See last post about putting the following in your .css file:

td.CalendarDay {
  padding: 0;