Disabling inputs in a table via Dash Loading States doesn't work for DEL and BACKSPACE keys

I experimented with the editable table feature “Integration with Dash Loading States” ( Editable DataTable | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly) wich works very well, if you want to enter new cell content but the table is in the loading status. But I found out, that deleting the cell content is possible even if the table is in the loading status. You can verify this in the online documentation by hitting the DEL or BACKSPACE key in a cell while you selected the “data” value for the property to load. Is this a feature or might it be a bug? Or do I use this feature in a wrong way?

When I search for a ‘backspace’ token inside the source code, I find an occurence in the file .\components\dash-table\src\dash-table\components\ControlledTable\index.tsx. Maybe the loading_state property should be used for the processing of the BACKSPACE and DELETE key inside the method handleKeyDown()?.