DataTable cell text edit

How come you cannot backspace when typing in a DataTable cell?
When I hit backspace it deletes my entire entry (instead of the last character)


Yeah I have the same issue. I have temporarily resolved to 'clicking on the cell contents and then hitting backspace to edit. Its a nuisance when using keyboard only to edit the contents of the tables.

Also, do you know how to edit the text in a cell? Whenever you hit backspace to delete 1 character the entire thing deletes…

Yeah that’s what I was referring to here:

Use the mouse to double click on the cell contents. I created a GIF for you:

Oh cool got it
we still need to deselect though… that is annoying

Any better way to do this now?

@Marc-Andre : Is there a better way or a workaround for this? :slight_smile:

In excel one can use backspace as one types and press enter once done.
If the dash table can mimic excel’s behavior close, or have a provision to modify, that would be fantastic!

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the issue is still there :frowning:

The ability to backspace while performing manual data entry using this DataTable component would be huge in terms of usability!

As @vivekvs1 mentioned, any time a user needs to edit a cell, e.g., makes a typo while entering data, they will need to double click the cell with their mouse to correct the error (vs. simply using backspace to correct).

The DataTable gets more and more great features each month, so hopefully this is something that gets addressed soon. Thanks!

The behavior appears to remain the same. Does anyone know if there are plans to add the capability to backspace?

I agree with @bigmike and @hibachi , would be a fantastic improvement if it could be changed.

I agree with everyone above, the current functionality is very difficult to use for data entry and this would be an huge improvement.

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Still not fixed

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