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DataTable cell text edit

How come you cannot backspace when typing in a DataTable cell?
When I hit backspace it deletes my entire entry (instead of the last character)

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Yeah I have the same issue. I have temporarily resolved to 'clicking on the cell contents and then hitting backspace to edit. Its a nuisance when using keyboard only to edit the contents of the tables.

Also, do you know how to edit the text in a cell? Whenever you hit backspace to delete 1 character the entire thing deletes…

Yeah that’s what I was referring to here:

Use the mouse to double click on the cell contents. I created a GIF for you:

Oh cool got it
we still need to deselect though… that is annoying

Any better way to do this now?

@Marc-Andre : Is there a better way or a workaround for this? :slight_smile:

In excel one can use backspace as one types and press enter once done.
If the dash table can mimic excel’s behavior close, or have a provision to modify, that would be fantastic!