Disable Cell Selection DataTable

Hi everyone! So I use Dash DataTables extensively in my application but the user does not need to be able to select several columns out of it except for user-interactive columns. Is there any way to disable user interaction on a certain subset of the columns, so that if I had columns A, B, C, and D, if columns B and C were not interactive, then hitting the right arrow would take me from column A to column D.

I know this is from a while ago, but I just ran into the same problem and was wondering whether anyone has a solution for it? (I did a google search and this was my search result haha). I tend to make datatables with column names and an index, and Dash DataTables don’t seem to have great support for indexes, so I’ve just been creating a mock column with the index but the index should have unique properties from the rest of the cells in the table when it comes to selection. :confused:

editable ( boolean ; optional): There are two editable flags in the table. This is the column-level editable flag and there is also the table-level editable flag. These flags determine whether the contents of the table are editable or not. If the column-level editable flag is set it overrides the table-level editable flag for that column.

selectable ( a value equal to: ‘first’ or ‘last’ | boolean | list of booleans ; optional): If True, the user can select the column by clicking on the checkbox or radio button in the column. If there are multiple header rows, True will display the input on each row. If last , the input will only appear on the last header row. If first it will only appear on the first header row. These are respectively shortcut equivalents to [False, ..., False, True] and [True, False, ..., False] . If there are merged, multi-header columns then you can choose which column header row to display the input in by supplying an array of booleans. For example, [True, False] will display the selectable input on the first row, but now on the second row. If the selectable input appears on a merged columns, then clicking on that input will select all of the merged columns associated with it. The table-level prop column_selectable is used to determine the type of column selection to use.

cell_selectable ( boolean ; default True ): If True (default), then it is possible to click and navigate table cells.

Yeah I’ve run into that in the docs as well, but I’m not talking about the ability to select it with the checkbox and more talking about the ability to highlight a given cell (for example, I use active cell a lot to get the values of the column and row index, then chart the corresponding timeseries for this snapshot). The question is whether I could prevent you from putting your cursor on “mock left index” so that the logic doesn’t always have to create a workaround for that one column.