Dash data table editable cell

Hi, I want to make only certain cells of a column editable, not the whole column editable in a Dash DataTable, is there a way to do that?

Hi @geliu

I don’t think you are able to edit only specific cells of the table.

Based on https://dash.plotly.com/datatable/reference

  • editable ( boolean ; optional): There are two editable flags in the table. This is the column-level editable flag and there is also the table-level editable flag. These flags determine whether the contents of the table are editable or not. If the column-level editable flag is set it overrides the table-level editable flag for that column.

We might have to wait for future updates for such strict rules that you might want to have on the table.

Thanks! Since I couldn’t find a way to change cell editable settings. I found a workaround here, I put in one additional callback for the table after I set the column as editable, if the cell I don’t want the use to change is edited, I will use the callback to set it back the original value.

Hope we can have this in future dash capability.