How to toggle whether a cell is editable or not in a dash datatable

Hi (first post so any improvements I can make please let me know).
I’m trying to make some cells in a data table non-editable. I realise there is a way to change the whole column but I only one a couple of cells at the bottom. Basically, the data is not a rectangle and thus these cells are not valid input. My initial thought was to try the styling but this didn’t work, as I suppose editable is not a css property but something dash defines. Any help or hints would be much appreciated.

            {"name": i, "id": i, "editable": j, "type": "numeric"}
            for i, j in zip(
                ["Parameter", "Continuous", "Intermittent", "Peak"],
                [False, True, True, True],
        style_table={"caret-color": "black"},
                "if": {"column_editable": False},  # True | False
                "backgroundColor": "rgb(240, 240, 240)",
                "if": {
                    "filter_query": "{Continuous} = 0",  # comparing columns to each other
                    "column_id": "Continuous",
                "backgroundColor": "#3D9970",
                "editable": False,

HI @phil96

Currently, it’s not possible to specify only certain cells as editable. Depending on your data and use-case, a workaround might be to have two tables - one with the editable data and the other with the non-editable data.

OK thanks for the response. I will look into other workarounds, two tables might work. I will try and it see.
Thanks again!