Deploying dash app on IBM cloud

I have made a dash app and I need to deploy it on IBM cloud. Has anyone done it before? If anyone could help me or provide suggestions, feel free as it’s urgent!!

My suggestion would be to dockerize your dash app and deploy it as a docker container. This article might be helpful. (I just made a quick google search and this was one of the top results.)

Hey @sislvacl, I have never used docker so I don’t think it’s friendly for me to try it. I wanted a more heroku like deployment idea. Thanks for the insight btw!!

Also see Dash Enterprise, which provides heroku-like deployment but on your company’s internal servers among many other features. Dash Enterprise can be installed on IBM Cloud.

@avats-dev , were you able to deploy your app? I have a similar task and got stuck with that. some errors related to ERR : The scripts f2py, f2py3 and f2py3.10 are installed … There are not many resources I found to overcome this issue. That would be great if you can share what you did.